Group Members

Principal Investigatorcaleb

Prof. Caleb Martin

BSc. Mount Allison University 2007
PhD. Western University 2011
Post Doc UC San Diego 2013

Professional Positions:
Assistant Professor Baylor University 2013-2019

Associate Professor Baylor University 2019-Present

Caleb grew up in New Brunswick, Canada and attended Mount Allison University for his BSc. While there he worked with Glen Briand on indium chemistry and Steve Westcott on palladium catalysis. In 2007 he moved to Western University to work on chalcogen and phosphorus chemistry with Paul Ragogna. Upon graduation in 2011, he moved to the US to work for Guy Bertrand on carbene chemistry at UC Riverside, moving with his group shortly after to UC San Diego. In 2013 he accepted a position at Baylor University.

Post Doctoral Researchers

Dr. Manjur Akram

B.Sc. University of Calcutta
M.Sc. Indian Institute of Technology
Ph.D. CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory
Post Doc Baylor University 2020-Present

Dr. Masilamani Tamizmani

B.Sc Bharathidasan University
M. Sc. Bharathidasan University
Ph. D. Pondicherry University 2017
Postdoc IIT Madras 2018
Postdoc Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry 2020
Postdoc Baylor University 2021-Present
Graduate Students

Dr. Sanjay Dutta

B.Sc. University of Delhi 2012
M. Sc. Indian Institute of Technology 2014
Ph. D. Shiv Nadar University 2021
Postdoc Baylor University 2022-Present

Graduate Students

John Tidwell

B.S. Cameron University 2018
Graduate Studies Baylor University 2018-Present

John is from Oklahoma and attended Cameron University for his BS. As an undergraduate, he worked with Dr. Clinton Bryan on X-ray crystallography. In 2018, John joined the Martin Group at Baylor.

Kanika Vashisth

B.Sc from Delhi University 2018
M.Sc from Indian Institute of Technology, Jodhpur 2020

During her master’s, Kanika worked on the supramolecular based asymmetric phase transfer catalyst under the supervision of Dr. Rakesh Kumar Sharma. She joined the group in the spring of 2021.

Harie Zacharias

B.Sc. Mahatma Gandhi University
M.Sc. Mahatma Gandhi University

Harie is an international student who joined the Martin group in April, 2021. He completed his B.Sc and M.Sc from IIRBS, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, India, under the guidance of Dr. I. Ibnusaud. During his masters, he worked with Dr. Bakthan Singaram, UCSC, in developing mild and selective reduction reactions with boron-based reagents.

Yijie Li

B.S. UC Santa Barbara 2019

Yijie is an international student from Qingdao, China who joined the Martin Group in November, 2021. He studied abroad after high school and attended UCSB for his B.S. chemistry degree.

Undergraduate Students

Caroline Kotarski

B.S. Baylor 2024

Caroline is a second-year chemistry student from Chicago, Illinois who began working with the group in September, 2021.

Technical Support


Olive joined the group in November 2016. She lived her first 6 and a half years in Austin before moving to Waco.