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Every other Tuesday@6pm

in the Bobo!

Join our campus group that is part of a national network of people who are passionate about religious and interfaith literacy, sharing our stories, working together to solve global issues, and becoming better leaders and citizens.

Contact for more info: Kyle or Roheena


Thank you to Michele Prawiromaruto for creating this video for us!


#BetterTogetherBU is a Good Neighbor Project of Spirituality and Public Life that seeks to offer students opportunities to reflect on their own culture, community, and sense of “self” and to learn about others in the hopes that they can share with one another and develop a deep understanding and appreciation for each Other.

Interfaith literacy makes us #bettertogetherbu

Becoming literate in one’s own religious tradition and the tradition of others equips men and women to engage in national and international life in a meaningful and thoughtful way. People who practice religious/interfaith literacy can help avoid bias and stereotyping in the process of speaking about religious others, while also helping to formulate responses to national and international issues in a way that thoughtfully engages with the motivations and worldviews out of which political opinions and actions arise.

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