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Are you ready to burst the Baylor bubble and live in another culture? Want to achieve conversational fluency in Spanish?

Baylor in Argentina – based in the picturesque Mendoza – is more than a tour with a few typical language courses thrown in.

The program, since its founding in 1997 by Dr. Joan Supplee, promotes complete immersion in Spanish and Argentine culture. 

Of course, we will take to the Andes Mountains, experience one of the world’s great wine regions, indulge in Argentina’s famous culinary traditions, explore Buenos Aires, and even dance the tango. While you’re at it, why not ski Patagonia or visit Iguazu Falls?

But, more so, your life in Argentina will conform to the day-to-day rhythms of a culture different from ours.

You live individually with an Argentine family, take small communicative Spanish classes with Argentine and Baylor faculty, and pair up with local university students for more conversational practice.

The result? You will be daily surrounded by Spanish and fall in love with Argentina.

So come with us to Mendoza and be in Argentina.

Meet Your Faculty Director and Immersion Guide


Your language and culture immersion will be guided by a collaboration between faculty/staff at Baylor and Mendoza’s Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (a large, prestigious public university).


Melisa Dracos, Ph.D., the program director, is an Associate Professor at Baylor who conducts research on and teaches about bilingual and second language acquisition, focusing on Spanish. She cherishes the role of program director because her passions for the Spanish language and Argentine culture began some years ago (she won’t disclose how many) as a student in this very Baylor in Argentina program.


Feel free to reach out with any questions!