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The Trawick Group focuses on the design and evaluation of new compounds as therapeutic agents through enzyme kinetics and assays, mammalian cell culture, molecular modeling and protein purification. Specific applications include the discovery and development of vascular disrupting agents for the treatment of solid tumors and ophthalmologic disorders, and development of new compounds to treat metastatic cancer and Chagas’ disease.

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Research Info

The mechanism of enzyme action is a primary research target of the Trawick Group with special emphasis on cysteine proteases including cruzain and several cathepsins, transglutaminase, and gamma-glutamylamine cyclotransferase. For these studies we use the biochemical evaluation of enzyme substrates and inhibitors, molecular modeling, and kinetics. We are very involved in the design and application of enzyme inhibitors in the potential treatment of parasitic diseases, and as anticancer agents including the evaluation of compounds as inhibitors of cell invasion as potential inhibitors of tumor metastasis.

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