About me

Sifan’s work experience over the past 12 years at universities, industry, and research institutes has given him the chance to acquire a wide-ranging relevant knowledge-base and enabled him to develop multidisciplinary techniques and approaches. His research experience and interests are climate modelling of past, present and future, hydrological process modelling (rainfall-runoff modelling), application of GIS and remote sensing for flood monitoring, and impacts of climate change and variability on surface water hydrology. He has extensive experience in applying various software tools including Geographic Information System (GIS), programming skills (Python, FORTRAN), data analysis, and visualisation. He has had the chance to travel to numerous countries to perform research (field, laboratory, and numerical modelling), present research results at international conferences, as well as contribute to the organisation of three international conferences.
→Multi-disciplinary expertise [Hydrology, Climate and Geospatial research]
→Broad experience in international research,
→Strong organizational skills,
→open-minded, dedicated, and ready to face new challenges and to learn new techniques.

Climate | Hydrology | Geoscience