About me

After discovering my passion for research in 2009 as junior researcher, I aimed for and secured the Netherland Fellowship Program to further my education and boost my research potential. This led me to pursue opportunities in research-oriented institutions and eventually able to secure the prestigious Maria-Curie Research Fellowship for my PhD study at the University of Reading in the UK. This exposed me to a wealth of knowledge in climate science and provided collaborations with world-leading scientists.

Through my fifteen years of work experience across academia, industry, and research institutes, I have gained extensive and diverse knowledge in climate, hydrological, and geospatial research. This has equipped me with a range of multidisciplinary techniques and approaches. I have been involved in a multi-national and multi-institution project funded by the EU, where I developed my skills in setting up and running state-of-the-art climate and hydrological models, as well as managing and analysing large datasets such as CMIP5 and CMIP6. Over the past seven years, I have had the opportunity to travel to numerous countries to conduct research, present research findings at international conferences, and organize conferences.

→Multi-disciplinary expertise [Hydrology, Climate and Geospatial research]
→Broad experience in international research,
→Strong organizational skills,
→open-minded, dedicated, and ready to face new challenges and to learn new techniques.

Climate | Hydrology | Geoscience