Welcome to the Invertebrate Paleontology Lab at Baylor University

What do we do?

The study of invertebrate paleontology involves work both in the field and in the lab, working with the fossil remains of ancient marine animals. We use these fossils to answer questions about the evolutionary processes , the structure of ancient marine ecosystems, and the impacts of environmental and climatic change on the history of life in the oceans.

Interested in a degree in invertebrate paleontology?

I am currently accepting students interested in a graduate degree (Masters or Ph.D.) in invertebrate paleontology, paleobiology, or paleoecology. If you are interested, contact me:

Elizabeth Petsios, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Geosciences
Baylor University
One Bear Place #97354
Waco TX, 76798
Office: SBS E413
Phone: (254) 710-2388




Becoming involved as an undergraduate

Interested in collecting fossils and going on field expeditions? Interested in a senior thesis in paleontology? You can become involved with field trip excursions, fossil collection, or with laboratory work and research.