About Us


Cara Cliburn Allen is a doctoral candidate in Higher Education Studies and Leadership at Baylor University, a Graduate Fellow with the Texas Hunger Initiative, and a P.E.O. International Scholar.  Her research interests and administrative experiences include college students and food insecurity, women in leadership in the academy, collegiality and non-tenure track faculty, felt identity and community college students, and the student affairs administrators’ integration of ideological commitments with their professional lives.

Nathan F. Alleman (PhD, The College of William and Mary) is associate professor of Higher Education Studies at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, and a Research Fellow with the Texas Hunger Initiative.  Dr. Alleman studies marginal and marginalized groups and institutions in higher education. Research foci include sociological studies of faculty sub-groups (non-tenure track, faculty denied tenure, religious outsiders) and the collegiate identities and experiences of student sub-groups (rural, first generation, undocumented, community college, religious minority, and food insecure). Dr. Alleman also writes about Christian higher education and the history of the YMCA student association movement.