The Ramm Graduate Scholars Program is a cross-disciplinary program for doctoral STEM students and M.Div. students sponsored by the Graduate School and Truett Theological Seminary. It encourages and supports students who are interested in the engagement between Christianity and science.

Named in honor of Bernard Ramm, a key twentieth-century voice in science and religion dialogue and an influential member of Baylor’s religion faculty in the 1950s, the Ramm Scholars Program seeks to encourage intellectually rich discussions about faith and science through a series of dinners and seminars throughout the academic year. Participants will be introduced to a variety of historical and contemporary issues related to Christianity and science and invited to think critically about intellectual and practical questions that arise. The program’s goal is to foster discussion and inquiry between students from diverse disciplines in order to help future science faculty and future ministers develop informed and sympathetic views of the issues.

Megan Behrmann

Hello! My name is Megan, and I am a senior graduate student in the Chemistry department under Dr. Michael Trakselis. I study the mechanics of DNA replication and repair in bacteria, with an interest in identifying universal mechanisms that are conserved across domains of life. Specifically, I look at the function of a helicase protein, which is an enzyme responsible for opening the DNA duplex and acts as an organizational hub (a sort of home base) for the rest of the replisome proteins. Outside of lab, I am active in a science communication organization and my local church. Growing up as a person of faith, I have always been committed to pursuing truth; both my work in STEM and my religious beliefs are ways that I can explore either the physical or spiritual world. Attending the PhD program at Baylor has allowed me a unique opportunity to pursue my interest biochemistry while also engaging in rich discussions with fellow professionals of faith.

Alexandra Lubaev

Alexandra, who prefers to go by Sasha, was born in Ufa, Russia and moved to the U.S. when she was five years old. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from St. Edward’s University and continues her graduate studies at Baylor, pursuing a PhD in Organic Chemistry. Her goal is to graduate, get a job in industry, and start a family. Her dream would be to live in Colorado. Sasha is excited to be a part of the Ramm Scholars program and discuss science and faith to develop a better understanding of historical and contemporary issues.

Mark Lueders 

Mark is a second-year PhD student in the Environmental Science Department, studying HydroEcology/Flow Ecology. He comes to Baylor from Minnesota State University at Moorhead where he completed his undergraduate degree. Mark is looking forward to sharing his own experience at the intersection of religion and science and hearing from others strongly aligned with one side or the other. Since he is working towards a career in academia, he hopes to take his experience as a Ramm scholar into that field, where he can educate future generations of Christians and scientists in a manner that values and respects both viewpoints.

Tatyana Martynova

Born in Moscow, Russia, Tatyana moved to the USA at age 5 as a “wild child” who did not know English. After she finished American schooling (and, yes, learned the language!), she completed her B.S. in Biology at Concordia University-Irvine in southern California. She is now a 3rd-year PhD biology student in Dr. Sim’s lab with research focusing on genetic modification of Culex mosquitoes as a form of disease vector control. She loves trying different coffees, reading history and fantasy, and running and hiking outdoors. She also loves to explore the relationship between science and religion.

Cortina Merritt

Cortina Merritt is currently seeking a Master of Divinity at Truett Seminary. She received her Bachelor of Science in Political Science from the University of Montevallo.



Jimmy Olsen

After moving to Texas from Pennsylvania last year, Jimmy entered the Chemistry department at Baylor with the intent to pursue his doctorate. He is now a second year chemistry graduate student in John L. Wood’s group, studying the total synthesis of complex natural products. Jimmy is a regular attendee at Christ Church Waco downtown, a local Anglican Church.