What is the format for Worship Lab 2021?

Worship Lab CONNECT 2.0 will take place on the Accelevents virtual platform with live sessions hosted Wednesday, July 19th and Thursday, July 20th. The platform is closed and only those registered for the event will have access to join the workshops.

Do I need to be part of a group to participate?

No! Students can join the event individually, with a small group of students from their hometown, or together as part of a church group.

How will small groups be assigned?

Small groups are an important part of our in-person camp and we look forward to creating a space for these deeper discussions virtually. Groups will be assigned based on a number of factors. If you are joining the event with a group from a church, you will be paired according by your location. Individual participants will be paired with other individual participants or groups to balance group numbers.

How do we participate in breakouts if we are all watching together as a group?

Churches hosting groups on their campuses may offer alternate spaces for different breakout classes to be viewed from. Churches with limited space may opt to view only select breakout classes. Repeated sessions will be notated on the schedule.

Who will be leading discussions and interacting with students throughout the event?

Virtual camp leadership will include Baylor faculty, staff, and students, plus visiting worship leaders and artists. All of our camp staff will have completed necessary training for interacting with minors in a virtual environment.