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The Baylor University Writing Center is a relaxed and welcoming place where any Baylor student, faculty, or staff member seeking individualized help with writing can come. We work with students at all academic years, at all skill levels, on a variety of topics, and in a range of genres to become confident, critical readers of their own writing. We also work with faculty seeking feedback on their writing or who would like us to give presentations to their classes.

At the Writing Center, we offer free personal consulting in all areas of writing. Whether you want a reader for a final draft, to brainstorm ideas, or to discuss an entire assignment, the Writing Center can help. We take the time to talk about your writing so that you can become a better writer, reviewer, and editor of your own work. We are qualified readers of print-based, digital, and multimodal compositions, including academic, technical, professional, creative, and business writing.

Some of the print-based documents we review include essays, research papers, lab reports, job applications, and proposals. We also consult over digital, visual, and multimodal compositions, including audio and video essays, brochures, flyers, websites, digital stories, and posters. We also help with issues particular to ESL writers.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Baylor University Writing Center is to assist undergraduate and graduate students in all disciplines to become more effective, more confident writers; to make writing a more meaningful, productive, and enjoyable process; and to increase the visibility and value of writing, across our entire campus community. We believe that writing is a powerful tool not only for communicating existing ideas but also for discovering new ones; that learning to write is a life-long process; and that all writers benefit from sharing work in progress with knowledgeable, attentive readers. The Writing Center tutors consult with writers in supportive and nonjudgmental ways to facilitate self-discovery and inspire confidence as writers learn, grow, and take ownership of their words and ideas. Our methods reflect our respect for the individual writer, whose talents, voice, and goals are central to all our endeavors.
The staff of the Writing Center seek to achieve this mission through face-to-face tutorial sessions—in-person or online—which are designed to help students, both native and non-native speakers of English, with writing projects at all stages of the composition process—from generating ideas and drafting to organizing, revising, editing, and formatting—whether working on academic papers, technical writing, multimodal or digital writing, job application materials, or theses and dissertations. The Writing Center also endeavors to support and augment the instruction of writing and to encourage the practice and appreciation of good writing and thinking on the BU campus. As such, we design class presentations and conduct workshops over a variety of topics related to writing to meet specific needs of BU student writers, faculty, and individual courses.

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