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Baylor Communications: Whale Earplug Reveals Lifetime Contaminant Exposure and Hormone Profiles

Academic Minute, Senior Superlative 2014, Whales Ear Wax:  Academic Minute Senior Superlatives 2014



Nature: Whale earwax a time capsule for stress and toxins

NRP: Earwax From Whales Keeps Records of Ocean Contaminants

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National Geographic: Giant Glob of Earwax Reveals Blue Whale Secrets

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Yahoo!: Earwax, Flame Retardants, and Hormones: The World’s Weirdest Whale Study

Yahoo!: 10-Inch-Long Earwax Plug Reveals Blue Whale’s Life History

Los Angeles Times: Like a tree’s rings, blue whale’s earwax tells a story of its life

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PBS News Hour: Reading a whale’s life story from ear wax

New Scientist: Whales record major life events in their earwax

The Weather Channel: Whale Earwax Traces a Lifetime of Contaminants

The Guardian (UK, VIDEO):  Buried in every whale’s earwax resides a record of their lifetime exposure to pollutants

Discovery News: Whale Ear Wax Tells of Short, Contaminated Life

Latinos Post (VIDEO):  Blue Whale’s Earwax Offers a Window into the Whale’s Life and Oceanic Pollutants

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Wired: Whale earwax reveals a timeline of its exposure to contaminants

Austin American-Statesman (VIDEO):  Whales’ ear wax tells life story, tracks pollution

Atlanta Journal-Constitution (VIDEO): Whales’ ear wax tells life story, tracks pollution

Take Part: Ear Wax, Flame Retardants and Hormones: The World’s Weirdest Whale Study

Mother Natures Network: Whale ear wax (you heard that right) carries a lifetime of ocean pollutants

International Science Times: Whale Ear Wax Keeps Record of Ocean Pollution

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Baylor University: Baylor Study Finds Seals’ Bodies Burn Fuel Differently When They Begin Diving 

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