The Trumble Lab


The LEAP lab studies the physiological adaptations and mechanism of animals in extreme and changing environmental conditions. The LEAP answer questions pertaining to how vertebrates overcome environmental perturbations. Because questions and models are limitless, the LEAP studies everything from zebra fish to rats to pinnipeds to baleen whales; on such topics as stress and reproductive endocrinology, bulk stable isotopes, and toxicology.


Congratulations to the newest Ph.D.’s from the LEAP! Dr. Tori Neises (Blubber fatty acid analysis in signature analysis of harbor seals in Alaska from 1997-2010) and Dr. Patrick Charapata (Longitudinal biomarker and chemical analyses in marine vertebrates). A job well done and may good fortune find you as you both start your postdocs/careers in science! Check out the LEAP publication page for their dissertation publications.

Drs. Trumble, Neises, and Usenko