Workshop on Topological Methods in Linear Dynamics

Organizers: Udayan Darji, University of Louisville; Juan Bés, Bowling Green State University

Wednesday, March 9th 2022, Time  and Location TBD

Linear dynamics is a relatively recent area of mathematics which lies at the intersection of operator theory and dynamical systems. It studies operators on separable Banach spaces from the viewpoints of topological dynamics, ergodic theory and recently hyberbolic dynamics. Many important, interesting and deep results have been obtained concerning topological dynamics notions such as transitivity, mixing, chaos and frequent hypercyclicity. At the same time many interesting and novel problems remain open. Research in the field concerning ergodicity and invariant measure is relatively new and there is much to be uncovered. Research concerning hyperbolicity, shadowing and expansivity is yet newer. In this workshop we will introduce the basics of the material introducing fundamental results, current research trends and open problems. The workshop is intended for and will be accessible to graduate students and novices to the area.

For planning purposes, please register here (link) if you are planning to attend this workshop