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Dror Bar-Natan, University of Toronto Cars, Interchanges, Traffic Counters, and a Pretty Darned Good Knot Invariant [In person]

Hector Barriga-Acosta, University of North Carolina at Charlotte Convergent sequences, elementary submodels, forcing extensions [In person]

Dana Bartošová, University of Florida Ramsey properties in ultraproducts of finite structures [In person]

Jeffrey Bergfalk, University of Vienna Cross-pollinations of set theory and algebraic topology [Remote]

Noel Brady, University of Oklahoma Filling functions of groups [Remote]

Lvzhou Chen, University of Texas at Austin The Kervaire conjecture and the minimal complexity of surfaces [in person]

Jernej Činč, AGH University of Science and Technology Krakow & University of Ostrava From one dimensional Lebesgue measure-preserving maps to the pseudo-arc [In person]

James Farre, Yale University Long curves and random hyperbolic surfaces [In person]

Michael Hrusak, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico Convergence in topological groups [Remote]

Alejandro Illanes, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México Problems on continua and hyperspaces, solutions and more questions [In person]

Kasia Jankiewicz, University of California Santa Cruz Boundary rigidity of lattices in product of trees [In person]

Tamara Kucherenko, City University New York Katok’s flexibility paradigm and its realization in symbolic dynamics [In person]

Daria Michalik, Jan Kochanowski University On the problem of uniqueness for some topological structures [In person]

Emily Stark, Wesleyan University Graphically discrete groups and rigidity [In person]

Benjamin Vejnar, Charles university Simplicity of some natural equivalence relations on compact metric spaces [In person]

Jennifer Wilson, University of Michigan The high-degree rational cohomology of the special linear group [In person]

Continuum Theory: Expand All  Back to Top 

Hussam Abobaker, Virginia Tech University Open diameter maps on suspensions [In person]

Iztok Banic, University of Maribor Mappings of inverse limits revisited revisited [in person]

Javier Camargo, Universidad Industrial de Santander On the hyperspace of nonblockers of \( F_1(X)\) [Remote]

Goran Erceg, University of Split, Croatia Closed sets with non-zero entropy that generate no periodic points II [In person]

Magdalena Foryś-Krawiec, AGH University of Science and Technology Dendrites and measures with discrete spectrum [Remote]

Hugo Adrian Maldonado Garcia, UNAM Complexity of \( \eta\)-od-like continua. [Remote]

Sina Greenwood, University of Auckland A characterization of a map whose inverse limit is an arc [Remote]

Logan Hoehn, Nipissing University Combinatorial folding maps [Remote]

Carlos Islas, Universidad Autónoma de la Ciudad de México Taming closed subsets of the Cantor Fence [In person]

James Kelly, Christopher Newport University The inverse limit property for subcontinua of inverse limits of set-valued functions [In person]

Judy Kennedy, Lamar University Closed sets with non-zero entropy that generate no periodic points I [in person]

Curtis Kent, Brigham Young University Splittings of the homology of Peano continua [in person]

Pawel Krupski, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology Complexity of homogeneous continua [Remote]

David Lipham, Auburn University at Montgomery Line-free subgroups of \( \ell^2\) in complex dynamics [Remote]

Sergio Macias, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico On Bellamy’s Set Function \( \Gamma\) [remote]

Verónica Martínez de la Vega, UNAM Some answers to problems on Hyperspaces of Subcontinua [Remote]

David Maya, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México Making holes in the hyperspace of subcontinua of a continuum having property \( (b)\) [Remote]

Ulises Morales-Fuentes, State University of Morelos Graphs Have Unique Quotient Hyperspace \( \mathcal{C}^n_1(X)\) [Remote]

Patricia Pellicer-Covarrubias, UNAM The hyperspace of totally disconnected sets [Remote]

Felix Capulin Perez, UNAM Generalized inverse limits and the Cantor set [Remote]

Pavel Pyrih, Charles University On break points in Continuum theory [Remote]

Robert Roe, Missouri University of Science & Technology Projective Fraïssé limits of trees [Remote]

Cristina Villanueva Segovia, Faculty of Sciences, National Autonomous University of Mexico Generalizations of the inscribed square problem [Remote]

Lauren Wickman, University of Florida Projective Fraïssé Classes to Approximate Knaster Continua and Solenoids [In person]

Dynamical Systems: Expand All  Back to Top 

Lori Alvin, Furman University Characterizing Endpoints in Set-Valued Inverse Limits [In person]

Gianni Arioli, Politecnico di Milano – Italy Some reversing orbits for a rattleback model [in person]

E. Cabral Balreira, Trinity University Geometric Ideas on Injectivity applied to Discrete Dynamics. [Remotely]

Jasmine Bhullar, University of Houston Equilibrium states and \( \overline{d}\)-continuity beyond subshifts of finite type [In person]

Emma D’Aniello, Università degli Studi della Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli” Some dynamical properties of linear operators [Remotely]

Akshat Das, University of Houston An adelic version of the three gap theorem [In person]

Roberto De Leo, Howard University The graph of the logistic map is a tower [Remote]

Saber Elaydi, Trinity University The topological and dynamical structure of the \(\omega\)-limit set of a non-automous dynamical system [In person]

Magdalena Foryś-Krawiec, AGH University of Science and Technology Dendrites and measures with discrete spectrum [Remotely]

Faiz Imam, BITS-Pilani, Hyderabad Campus, India. Periodicity of automorphisms on one dimensional solenoids [Remotely]

Olena Karpel, AGH University of Science and Technology Bratteli diagrams and their generalizations [Remotely]

Przemysław Kucharski, AGH University of Science and Technology Orientation preserving Lozi mappings [Remotely]

Kristijan Kilassa Kvaternik, University of Zagreb The Zero Entropy Locus for the Lozi Maps [In person]

Krystyna Kuperberg, Auburn University Movability of one-dimensional invariant continua in flows [remotely]

Scott Lewis, Utah Valley University Exploring Dynamics in Thermoacoustic Coupled Resonators [In person]

Michal Misiurewicz, IUPUI The real teapot [In person]

Piotr Minc, Auburn University On conjugacy between natural extensions of 1-dimensional maps [remotely]

Hamid Naderiyan, University of North Texas Obtaining asymptotic formula for orbit counting in conformal dynamical systems [In person]

Olivier Olela Otafudu, School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences North-West University, Potchefstroom Campus, Potchefstroom 2520, South Africa On entropies in quasi-metric spaces [in person]

Sonja Štimac, University of Zagreb Dynamical classification of the Lozi maps [In person]

Andrew Torok, University of Houston Stable laws for random dynamical systems [In person]

Geometric Group Theory: Expand All Back to Top 

Yu-Chan Chang, Oxford College of Emory University Bestvina–Brady Groups that are not right-angled Artin groups. [Remote]

Tamunonye Cheetham-West, Rice University A closed, fibered hyperbolic 3-manifold determined by its finite quotients [In person]

Arman Darbinyan, Texas A&M Some computability properties of left-orderable groups and their subgroups [Remote]

George Domat, University of Utah Graph Analogues of Big Mapping Class Groups: Coarse Geometry [In person]

Andy Jarnevic, Vanderbilt The Geometry of Subgroup Embeddings and Asymptotic Cones [In person]

Rose Kaplan-Kelly, Temple University Right-angled links in thickened surfaces [Remote]

Khanh Le, Temple University Totally geodesic surfaces in hyperbolic knot complements [Remote]

Ivan Levcovitz, Tufts University Counting lattices in products of trees [Remote]

Daniel Levitin, University of Wisconsin, Madison Metric Spaces of Arbitrary Finitely-Generated Scaling Group [In person]

Rylee Alanza Lyman, Rutgers University–Newark CTs for Free Products [Remote]

Filippo Mazzoli, University of Virginia Pleated surfaces for SO(2,n)-maximal representations [Remote]

Josiah Oh, The Ohio State University QI rigidity of lattice products [Remote]

Alexander J. Rasmussen, University of Utah Hyperbolic actions of metabelian groups [In person]

Jacob Russell, Rice University Regular languages and growth in Morse local-to-global groups [In person]

Anschel Schaffer-Cohen, University of Pennsylvania and Temple University Graphs of curves and arcs quasi-isometric to big mapping class groups [Remote]

Donggyun Seo, Seoul National University Rational stable translation lengths of right-angled Artin groups []

Ignat Soroko, Florida State University Divergence in Coxeter groups [In person]

Ryan Spitler, Rice University Profinitely Rigid Seifert Fibered Spaces and Grothendieck’s Problem [In person]

Joseph Wells, Virginia Tech Geometry of the Deligne–Mostow lattices in \(\rm{SU}(3,1)\) [In person]

Chenxi Wu, UW Madison Homology directions and translation length on sphere complex [Remote]

Andrew Yarmola, Princeton University A 3-manifold invariant for collections of closed curves on surfaces [In person]

Geometric Topology: Expand All  Back to Top 

Sarah Blackwell, University of Georgia Group Trisections and Smoothly Knotted Surfaces [In person]

Corey Bregman, University of Southern Maine The normal growth exponent of a codimension-1 hypersurface of a negatively curved manifold [In person]

Tommaso Cremaschi, University of Southern California Volume of a random geodesic lift [In person]

George Domat, University of Utah Big Pure Mapping Class Groups are Never Perfect [In person]

Ethan Farber, Boston College A Farey tree structure on a family of pseudo-Anosov braids [remotely]

Nir Gadish, University of Michigan Tropical moduli spaces and configurations on graphs [In person]

Craig Guilbault, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Generalized group boundaries with applications [Remotely]

Joshua Howie, University of California, Davis Geography of spanning surfaces [In person]

Ying Hu, University of Nebraska Omaha Slope detection and toroidal 3-manifolds [in person]

Alexander Kolpakov, University of Neuchâtel Subspace stabilisers in hyperbolic lattices [remotely]

Seraphina Eun Bi Lee, University of Chicago Finite-order mapping classes of del Pezzo surfaces [In person]

Christopher J Leininger, Rice University Purely pseudo-Anosov subgroups of fibered 3-manifold groups [In person]

Geunho Lim, University of California, Santa Barbara Cheeger-Gromov \( \rho\)-invariant and Cha inequality [Remotely]

Giuseppe Martone, University of Michigan Counting for cusped Hitchin representations [In person]

Daniel Minahan, Georgia Tech The homotopy type of the complex of separating curves [In person]

Andrew Newman, Carnegie Mellon University Topology and geometry of random 2-dimensional hypertrees [In person]

Leonard R. Rubin, University of Oklahoma Morita Conditions, Direct Systems, and Extension Theory [In person]

Nick Salter, Notre Dame Totally symmetric sets and the representation theory of mapping class groups [In person]

Roberta Shapiro, Georgia Tech An Alexander method for infinite-type surfaces [In person]

Tina Torkaman, Harvard University Intersection points on Hyperbolic surfaces [In person]

Jane Wang, Indiana University Bloomington The topology of the moduli spaces of dilation surfaces [In person]

Theodore Weisman, University of Texas at Austin Extended geometrically finite representations [In person]

Ka Ho Wong, Texas A&M University Adjoint twisted Reidemeister torsion of fundamental shadow link complements and its application [In person]

Set-Theoretic Topology: Expand All  Back to Top 

Khulod Almontashery, York University Semi-proximal Spaces and Normality [In person]

Will Brian, University of North Carolina at Charlotte Partitions of the real line [In person]

Maxim R. Burke, University of Prince Edward Island Analytic order-isomorphisms of countable dense subsets of the unit circle [Remotely]

Steven Clontz, University of South Alabama Counting the Uncountable, or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Elementary Submodels [In person]

Christopher Caruvana, Indiana University Kokomo Selection Games with Continuous Functions [Remotely]

Natasha Dobrinen, University of Denver A class of homogeneous structures for which all Borel sets are Ramsey [Remotely]

Alan Dow, UNC Charlotte (Mathematics) Remote Points [Remotely]

Vera Fischer, University of Vienna Partition forcing and independent families [Remotely]

Paul Gartside, University of Pittsburgh Discrete Generators [Remotely]

Ivan S. Gotchev, Central Connecticut State University One more improvement of the cardinal inequality of Hajnal and Juhász [Remotely]

Clovis Hamel, University of Toronto Applications of \( C_p\)-theory to the definability of pathological Banach spaces in Model Theory [Remotely]

K. P. Hart, TU Delft A zero-dimensional F-space that is not strongly zero-dimensional [Remotely]

Jared Holshouser, Norwich University Translation for a Star Selection Game on the Pixley-Roy Hyperspace [Remotely]

Akira Iwasa, Howard College Connectedness and forcing [Remotely]

John Krueger, University of North Texas Suslin tree preservation and club isomorphisms [Remotely]

Mansouri, Mai, King Abdulaziz University Results about P-normality [remotely]

Peter Nyikos, University of South Carolina Sub-Ostaszewski spaces, normal and otherwise [Remotely]

Vladimir Tkachuk, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana de Mexico On the complement of diagonal, its functional countability and Corson compact spaces [remotely]