Hotel information

First things first: There is no official conference hotel this year.  (We are using Baylor facilities for all TCA sessions, lunch, etc.)

Fortunately for us, Waco has many hotel options at a variety of price points.  The nicer places tend to be downtown, north of I-35 near University Parks; the cheaper ones tend to be right on I-35, and thus closer to campus.  Either area is convenient to campus.

Try this Google map for a bunch of hotels with links and indications of typical prices.

I have never stayed in any of these places (I live here in Waco, after all), but I can tell you that Hotel Indigo (211 Clay Ave) is frequently used by the BU Classics Department for guest lecturers.  They seem to like the place alright, although the décor is rather silly in a fakey modernist way…  Oh, and the bar charges outrageous prices for a very substandard g-and-t.

For more (and doubtlessly more informative) hotel reviews, why not check out the relevant Tripadvisor page?