2018-19 End of Year Party

Another awesome year in the books! The lab got together at Dr. Taube’s house to celebrate everyone’s hard work and to send our seniors off well. We say goodbye to Emily Lin, Clayton Smith, and Samantha Pena who graduated this spring. They will be dearly missed!

Congrats Clayton!

Congratulations to Clayton Smith on defending his Honor’s thesis this past Monday (4/29/19)! First thesis defense in Taube Lab. Plus, Clayton won the Cornelia Smith Outstanding Biology Senior award [pictured]. Well done Clayton!

Happy Spring 2019!

The Taube Lab is excited to start another semester and another year! We are one grad student and a few undergrads stronger, and have lots of exciting research on the horizon. To keep progress consistent, we are resolving to implement better time management techniques and efficient work flow. One way we talked about doing this is via the Eisenhower Box. Our goal? Aim for tasks to be in the Not Urgent/Important category. Below is the version we created:

Welcome, Shuxuan!

The Taube Lab is very excited to warmly welcome our newest addition: Shuxuan Song! She rotated with us at the beginning of the semester and left a wonderful impression. She is a first year PhD student coming to us from China, and has a rich history in medicine. We are sure she will bring in many great ideas and much creativity.

Welcome, Shuxuan!

Kelsey and Keighley present at SABCS

SABCS (San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium) was a valuable experience, getting the chance to interact with clinicians, translational researchers, and basic scientists. Keighley and Kelsey both presented on the third day of the nearly-week-long conference, but at different times so they could still see each other’s posters. Kelsey is pictured flexing her great mentoring skills with an undergrad from a different lab who was the conference. Keighley got creative with mixed media for her poster presentation, shown here with her iPad, which let viewers see her images much clearer. Both grad students were busy throughout their sessions– always a good sign! Congrats to both!

Taube Lab has landed @ SABCS!

The Taube Lab (Dr. Taube, Kelsey, and Keighley) have all made it safely to the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. It’s an amazing, huge, international conference where scientists and physicians from all angles of breast cancer meet to learn from and discuss with each other. Day 1 has been an interesting day, hearing talks about EMT, brain metastasis, TNBC clinical care, BRCA1/2, dormancy, and more!

Keighley has been live tweeting some of the speakers; stay up to date by following her Twitter (@knreisenauer) or the conference (@SABCSSanAntonio).