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The Chevrolet S3 2012 Awards
by Kirk Wakefield - October 2012 Thanks to Chevrolet and S3 Board Members Dave Nottoli, More)
S3 Board Member Spotlight: Kris Katseanes, FC Dallas
by Travis Martin - January 2013 Kris Katseanes, Vice President of Ticket Sales and Service for FC Dallas, has been an invaluable member of the S3 Advisory Board. Because of Kris' leadership and will (More)
Is integrity in sports sales a problem?
by Wade Graf - February 2013 Hundreds, even thousands, apply for any ticket sales position opening, flooding LinkedIn, More)
So you want a job in pro sports?
by Charles Johnson - February 2013 Make a hundred calls, cover the phones, get a sale, ask for a referral, and work the sales table.  I’m tired of making all these calls! Some people are disr (More)
S3 Board Member Spotlight: Kelly Cheeseman, AEG Worldwide
by Jerry Ruiz - February 2013 Congratulations to S3 Board Members in their new positions:  Kelly Cheeseman, Chief Operating Officer of More)
The surprisingly simple little secret to landing a leadership position
by Kirk Madsen - October 2014 What is leadership? For everything written about leadership and management (an Amazon.com search yields over 1 million books on the topic!), we sure seem to have a lot of (More)
What Do You Want To Be Known For?
by Dawn Turner - May 2015 Is there a difference in work ethic across generations? Some say that work ethic has decreased from Gen X to Gen Y. Others say that it varies by individual and their upbringi (More)
5 Characteristics of the Best Salespeople in Sports
by Andre Luck - September 2015 As an Inside Sales Manager I am often asked what the best salespeople do to be the best.  Fortunately, I’ve had the opportunity to manage or mentor over 100 sale (More)
How two brothers made it big in pro sports: Colin Faulkner, Chicago Cubs and Chris Faulkner, Denver Broncos
by Kirk Wakefield - November 2016 Note: In this re-release (first posted April 1, 2013), we congratulate Colin Faulkner, and the 2016 World Champion Chicago Cubs, for catching up to brother Chris Fa (More)

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