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The students POV on interviews for internships & careers
After the first round of the Baylor S3 Pro Day of virtual recruiting with 30 interviewers, 54 of the students rated each of the interviewers, selected their favorite two interviewers, and commented on one that didn't go as well as hoped. After the se (More)
What drives fan passion?
by Kirk Wakefield - January 2013 What makes a passionate fan? A passionate fan devotes heart, mind, body, and soul to the team. The consequences of a passionate fan base are increased ticket, media (More)
How to manage the new generation of sellers
by Murray Cohn - January 2013  Part 1 "I want it all. I want it now." On a recent team visit I met an entry level ticket seller who’d been there two months.   He said, "Murray, I am ready to (More)
How has social media changed consultative selling?
Monika Fahlbusch[/capti (More)
Ticketing technology: How can we reduce barriers for renewals?
by Chris Faulkner - April 2013 As technology rapidly moves forward and clients become more savvy using social media and mobile technology, we need to adapt the way we conduct our ticketing (More)
Selling Collegiate Sports: Happy Customers = Sales
by Bryce Killingsworth - May 2014 Collegiate ticket sales departments continue to expand. Some hired into these new sales positions have training in professional selling, while others (More)
5 Characteristics of the Best Salespeople in Sports
by Andre Luck - September 2015 As an Inside Sales Manager I am often asked what the best salespeople do to be the best.  Fortunately, I’ve had the opportunity to manage or mentor over 100 sale (More)
CRM Made Easy: How to Track Account Renewals
by Michael Hurley - September 2015 Are you using your CRM system to project final renewal numbers? Are you able to identify accounts that might be harder to renew? The Way We Were In 201 (More)
What's new in S3 for 2016-17?
by Kirk Wakefield - April 2016 April 2016 Newsletter We have big plans for the 2016-17 academic year. Here's some of what's in store! Friday, November 4, 2016 S3 Senior Pro Day Texas (More)
Selling Experiences Online: Announcing the BAV-S3 4V® Brand Index
by Kirk Wakefield - June 2016 More)
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