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Leveraging digital marketing and media strategies
by Anita Sehgal - February 2013 As organizations continue to utilize sports sponsorships and activation within their marketing mix, they are also faced with the ongoing challenge of ensuring (More)
March Madness! Selling sports, sponsorships, social media platforms, and your personal brand
by Kirk Wakefield - March 2013 Brittney Griner Sells No one rises above everyone else like Brittney Griner. She's the tall one in the picture. Brittney has scored over 3000 points (currently 4th (More)
Social media in the NFL: Strategy and tools
by Nick Schenck - March 2013 At the Houston Texans, we publish content on three times as many platforms as we did in 2010. Through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Foursquare and Pinter (More)
What does your Twitter and LinkedIn say about your personal brand?
by Ken Troupe - March 2013 Last month we talked about the importance of laying t (More)
Can social media make or break interview chances?
by Jeannette Salas - April 2013 Social Media, Networking, Common 1st Year Mistakes, and Tips for Success Social media shows up in the most unusual places Employers frequently search candidates on (More)
How Will Teams Stay Personal In This Social Media Era?
by Bryan Apgar - May 2013 Look at these “kids” these days; all they do is tweet, text,  and Facebook each other and don’t get out and do anything together. Some even sit in the same room texti (More)
Social Media Strategy: Put your voice where the ears are
by Daniel Fleming - June 2013 "Put your voice where the ears are." At least that's the way Ohio University classmate and fellow S3 writer Ken Troupe puts it. Remove the name given to the internet (More)
Amplifying our VOICE: How Sprint Leverages 'Unlimited' Content and Why Teams Could Do It Even Better
by Phillip Grieco - June 2013 Couch vs. Run? Recently I was lounging on my couch after dinner, debating whether to make the effort to get to the gym or go outside for a run. You can imagine which one (More)
How did the S3 Report grow over 400% in 4 months?
by Kirk Wakefield - June 2013 Thanks to you, the growth in readership and membership at the S3 Report has been exceptional. Let's start with who we are and then how we've grown. Who are we? The S3 (More)
How would you describe your social media fans to sponsors?
by Kirk Wakefield - August 2013 Brands highly prioritize social media engagement when partnering with sports properties. But who are these social media fans? Who are we reaching with the team's soci (More)
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