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How Sales Management in Pro Sports Can Catch Up to Corporate America
Why do parents, teachers, politicians, managers and salespeople continue bad practices? Four reasons and the ways we express them are: We do what got done to us and assume it was best practice. "Look at me, I turned out OK didn't I?" (More)
Learning how to lead: Helping
by Dan Rockwell - January 2013 How can I help? New leaders find giving help easier than receiving help but receiving is necessary. Supporting others earns promotions. Receiving help expands impact a (More)
How to change behaviors of salespeople
by Dan Rockwell - January 2013 As manager, your job is bringing out the best in others by the way you interact with them. Well timed, well executed conversations change people’s lives. Poorly timed, (More)
The five powers of permission
by Dan Rockwell - January 2013 Old style leaders are about giving permission to supplicants. Their followers seek permission. It’s an “I/you” rather than “we” dynamic. Leaders have power and follower (More)
How to manage the new generation of sellers
by Murray Cohn - January 2013  Part 1 "I want it all. I want it now." On a recent team visit I met an entry level ticket seller who’d been there two months.   He said, "Murray, I am ready to (More)
S3 Board Member Spotlight: Kris Katseanes, FC Dallas
by Travis Martin - January 2013 Kris Katseanes, Vice President of Ticket Sales and Service for FC Dallas, has been an invaluable member of the S3 Advisory Board. Because of Kris' leadership and will (More)
Practice? We talkin' about practice?
by Bob Hamer - March 2013 "We talkin' about practice, man." ~Allen Iverson, May 7, 2002, Allen Iverson, 37, was out of the NBA before the time he reached 34. Kobe Bryant (34) spends his o (More)
The essential elements of successful sales leadership: Staying ahead of the curve
by Carson Heady - July 2013 Two governing principles Two governing principles drive sales management success: people and process. The right personnel following the right procedures equal success. Th (More)
Three Steps to Creating an Effective Entry-Level Sales Contest
by Brian Norman - August 2013 “If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.” Think about a sales contest you have conducted (or participated in) that was missing something. (More)
Making Connections: Contact Puts the Ball in Play
by Carson Heady - May 2014 How to sell: Put the ball in play Fundamental to any activity or sport is to put the ball in play. This necessitates action on the part of the participant(s) and begins wi (More)
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