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How Sales Management in Pro Sports Can Catch Up to Corporate America
Why do parents, teachers, politicians, managers and salespeople continue bad practices? Four reasons and the ways we express them are: We do what got done to us and assume it was best practice. "Look at me, I turned out OK didn't I?" (More)
Do you have your P's in order?
by Kirk Wakefield - January 2018 People. Purpose. Performance. (Pictures.) S3 2018 Board Meeting Paul Epstein challenged the room of (More)
Learning how to lead: Helping
by Dan Rockwell - January 2013 How can I help? New leaders find giving help easier than receiving help but receiving is necessary. Supporting others earns promotions. Receiving help expands impact a (More)
The five powers of permission
by Dan Rockwell - January 2013 Old style leaders are about giving permission to supplicants. Their followers seek permission. It’s an “I/you” rather than “we” dynamic. Leaders have power and follower (More)
How to manage the new generation of sellers
by Murray Cohn - January 2013  Part 1 "I want it all. I want it now." On a recent team visit I met an entry level ticket seller who’d been there two months.   He said, "Murray, I am ready to (More)
Part 2: Managing the next generation of sellers
by Murray Cohn - February 2013 Last month we began our discussion on ho (More)
How has social media changed consultative selling?
Monika Fahlbusch[/capti (More)
8 Ways to Eliminate Negativity Once and For All
by Dan Rockwell - April 2013 Bad weighs more than good One bad experience outweighs one good. A gallon of bad weighs more than a gallon of good. Setbacks nag; success whispers. You overemphasize w (More)
Empower your players
by Eric Kussin - June 2013 Corey Gaines, head coach of the WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury, runs a fantastic clinic each season for local coaches. A great college and pro player himself, Corey always t (More)
Sales training for CRM: The 3 sales rep types & how to reach them
by Chris Zeppenfeld - June 2013 How can CRM fail? Numerous studies estimate that somewhere around 50% of all C (More)
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