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How far will analytics take You? S3 majors meet with partners at StubHub, Giants, 49ers, Sharks, & Warriors to Find Out
by Brad Sherrill - September 2017 StubHub and Baylor S3 StubHub and Baylor S3 created a partnership to reward motivated, analytically-talented S3 students with an expenses paid trip to the Bay area. (More)
Welcome to the Sports Sponsorship & Sales (S3) Report
by Kirk Wakefield - January 2013 Join the S3 Community to: Participate: Join the discussion on our LinkedIn group:More)
Social media in the NFL: Strategy and tools
by Nick Schenck - March 2013 At the Houston Texans, we publish content on three times as many platforms as we did in 2010. Through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Foursquare and Pinter (More)
The AT&T Challenge: Innovative teaching tool brings ideas to life for brands and teams
by Darryl Lehnus - March 2013 The AT&T Challenge: The Beginning The AT&T Challenge is the brainchild of Eric Fernandez (BU '94), then Director of Corporate Partnerships for AT&T (More)
Ticketing technology: How can we reduce barriers for renewals?
by Chris Faulkner - April 2013 As technology rapidly moves forward and clients become more savvy using social media and mobile technology, we need to adapt the way we conduct our ticketing (More)
Do you need a blueprint for executing sales events?
by Deno Anagnost - April 2013 The secret to success with sales events is paying attention to detail and then follow-through, as we discussed in our More)
How did the S3 Report grow over 400% in 4 months?
by Kirk Wakefield - June 2013 Thanks to you, the growth in readership and membership at the S3 Report has been exceptional. Let's start with who we are and then how we've grown. Who are we? The S3 (More)
3 basic questions you should ask premium seat buyers
by Kirk Wakefield - July 2013 Preparation is the key to selling efficiency Preparation is on anyone's top 10 list of what makes successful salespeople. Successful preparation is based on asking the (More)
Where is the next tech battlefield? Predicting the future of sponsors on the field
by Eric Fernandez - July 2013 Microsoft Surface on the sidelines In May, the NFL announced a ground breaking partnership with Microsoft that would bring interactive features to fans watching at ho (More)
Why the new AT&T Stadium is win-win for everyone
by Kirk Wakefield - August 2013 Since AT&T and the Dallas Cowboys have been great supporters  of the S3 program since its inception a decade ago, apparently DFW reporters figure I might have som (More)
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