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EU and Brexit
The bulk of the negotiations regarding the United Kingdom withdrawal from the European Union were concluded on December 24, 2020. The details are available here: More)
The infancy of Mercosul (or Mercosur)
There are two very interesting books in pdf format about Mercosur by Paulo Roberto Almeida that can be downloaded for free. The first book is titled "More)
The erratic Brazilian trade policy
The recent elections in South America indicate a major change in course for the Southern Cone countries and also for Bolivia. This change is not uniform across countries, and in some cases can be in opposite directions like the cases of Brazil and Ar (More)
The past of Mercosur (or Mercosul)
The recent presidential elections in South America have raised concerns about the future of Mercosur, or Mercosul for Portuguese speakers. Although it is too early to make any reasonable prediction, it is interesting to note that Mercosur since its i (More)
How to plot step functions in Mathematica
Those interested in representing graphically  the Relative Supply (RS) curve of a simple 2 x 2 Ricardian model of international trade in Mathematica will find that this task requires the use of Plot[] and Piecewise[]. Below you can find an example to (More)
New book about the Brazilian economy
The International Monetary Fund published a new book about the Brazilian economy. It first provides an overview of the Brazilian economy, and then cover  the following important topics: (More)
Tutorials for learning Tableau
Some students asked me about a tutorial to learn the basics of Tableau. Although there are many tutorials available,  I found the following videos to be the most straightforward ones. https: (More)
New book about Brazil's Foreign Policy
A very interesting book about Brazil's foreign policy edited by Funag and More)
Trade Facilitation Agreement between Brazil and Peru
Today (11/27/2018) Brazil signed a trade facilitation agreement with Peru. Such agreement is related to the Operador Econômico Autorizado (OEA) program regulated in Brazil by the Instrução Normativa RFB nº 1.598/2015. The purposes of this type of agr (More)
New Trade Agreement between Brazil and Chile
On November 21, 2018 Brazil and Chile signed a new trade agreement in Santiago, Chile.  This new treaty expands the original agreement of 1996 that focused solely on the reduction of tariff barriers. Chile is the second largest trade partner of Brazi (More)

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