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Tutorials for learning Tableau
Some students asked me about a tutorial to learn the basics of Tableau. Although there are many tutorials available,  I found the following videos to be the most straightforward ones. https: (More)
Baylor S3 Shifts Gears
by Kirk Wakefield - July 2018 Change is good. We can say, "One day...." or "Day one...." Around here, everyday is Day One. What's changing with Baylor S3? More)
Are Silicon Valley Teams as Data-Driven as You'd Expect?
by Brad Sherrill - October 2017 With Apple's headquarters right down the street, you would expect the teams in Silicon Valley to be digitally-savvy and data-driven. We were not disappointed, as the t (More)
Evolution of analytics in sports: What's next?
by Aaron LeValley - April 2013 There has always been the adage that professional sports teams are 5-10 years behind the ‘normal’ business world in terms of technology, business practices, a (More)
Data is the new oil
by Damion Chatman - March 2014   More)
Why the best teams and brands partner with academics
by Kirk Wakefield - August 2014 Back in the early 1990's, I started out with my Baseball Almanac contacting major and minor league teams to conduct research. Being at Ole Miss during that time, just (More)
The Impact of Data Visualization in Sports
by Katie Morgan - November 2014 Teams constantly research to find new data sources to enhance business. Data is the life blood of the organization. Data provides the ability to make key decisions (More)
CRM Made Easy: How to Track Account Renewals
by Michael Hurley - September 2015 Are you using your CRM system to project final renewal numbers? Are you able to identify accounts that might be harder to renew? The Way We Were In 201 (More)

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