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Here's a method to turn sponsorship assets into answers
by Bill Glenn - April 2013 Assets or answers? [dropshadowbox align="right" effect="lifted-both" width="250px" height="" background_color="#ffffff" border_width="1" border_color="#dddddd" ]Selling Blind (More)
Be Sure to Drink your Ovaltine (and other sponsorship lessons from A Christmas Story)
by Drew Mitchell - June 2013 A crummy commercial? A Christmas Story is one of my favorite classic holiday movies, an opinion likely shared by many of you given how it seems to run 24/7 on T (More)
What do college graduates have to offer the sports industry? Fresh Legs!
by Laura Cade - January 2014 Fans today demand access to a second screen experience to stay connected during the game, rather than just sit there and watch the entire event. So how can organizations re (More)
Changing The Pitch/Recap Game
by Angelina Lawton - January 2014 Partners want more. Teams want to GIVE more. In recent times, PowerPoint presentations WERE considered trend setting and innovative. But, as we all know we live i (More)
#LoveJu: How Juventus & Jeep Partner to Target the Digital Fan
by Alex Stewart - March 2014 #LOVEJU Juventus, la Vecchia Signora of Italian football, may be one of the most established brands in Italy, but she recently showed the sort of innovative approach to earned media that many newer, more agile brands co (More)
Six Brand Activation Ideas that Soar
by Dawn Turner - July 2014 Over my years at American Airlines I was fortunate to be part of some great brand activation campaigns.  The following is a list of my favorite sports and entertainment marke (More)
Why Stadium Connectivity Presents the Best Sponsorship Opportunity for Teams & Corporations
by Angelina Lawton - January 2015 The second screen in sports The ongoing conversation is how to integrate the second screen into the sports industry. More and more, fans spurn attending games to (More)
5 Best Practices to Create Loyalty with Corporate Partners
by Lauren Ward - August 2015 Fan loyalty is at the forefront of every team's objectives.  Loyalty is defined as "having or showing complete and constant support of someone or something (More)
Bill Boyce NBA D-League Executive of the Year
Bill Boyce has been a great friend and leader in the Baylor S3 community since the launch of the the Dallas Mavericks D-league team in Frisco. The Baylor S3 program selected Bill as one of our Chevrolet S3 More)

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