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Inflation Targeting
Inflation targeting is a somewhat new approach to the role of Central Banks. This system was implemented in Brazil when I was a senior in college. I still remember the debate on whether inflation targeting was appropriate to a developing country like (More)
The infancy of Mercosul (or Mercosur)
There are two very interesting books in pdf format about Mercosur by Paulo Roberto Almeida that can be downloaded for free. The first book is titled "More)
The erratic Brazilian trade policy
The recent elections in South America indicate a major change in course for the Southern Cone countries and also for Bolivia. This change is not uniform across countries, and in some cases can be in opposite directions like the cases of Brazil and Ar (More)
The past of Mercosur (or Mercosul)
The recent presidential elections in South America have raised concerns about the future of Mercosur, or Mercosul for Portuguese speakers. Although it is too early to make any reasonable prediction, it is interesting to note that Mercosur since its i (More)
Transferring IPEADATA series to Stata
A common issue that arises when converting time series data from IPEADATA to Stata format is dealing appropriately with the time variable. For instance, for monthly series the date format will be YYYY.MM. Stata us (More)
Social Security Reform in Brazil
Since I was a little kid Social Security reform has been discussed in Brazil. It is fair to say that in the early 1980s a huge actuarial deficit was already in place. Since the financial side was still fine, i.e. Social Security contribution revenues (More)
Reading DATASUS and ANS .dbc files using R
Those interested in conducting research using Brazilian data often come across some unusual file formats used by Brazilian government agencies. One example is the .dbc files used for health data produced by DATASUS and by ANS. These .dbc files are no (More)
New book about the Brazilian economy
The International Monetary Fund published a new book about the Brazilian economy. It first provides an overview of the Brazilian economy, and then cover  the following important topics: (More)
Roberto Campos and the Brazilian Constitution of 1988
Let me talk again about Roberto Campos and the Brazilian institutions. After a heterodox economic plan was implemented in February of 1986, the entire country was happy and enthusiastic. Later in the year, Brazilians voted for state governor and for (More)
Ernesto Lozardo's new book: Ok, Roberto. Você venceu!
Professor Ernesto Lozardo has taught economics at EAESP-FGV since 1977. I took his Money, Credit, and Banking course when I was a junior at EAESP. To make a long story short, his knowledge and passion about economics and his will to put in practice g (More)
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