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Lift Every Voice and Sing: A Celebration of Black Gospel Music (2017 Alleluia Conference)
Description: Dr. James Abbington walks the congregation through a collection of Black Gospel music from throughout history. This event was presented at the 2017 Alleluia Conference. Location: Truett Seminary, Baylor University - Waco, Texas (More)
Randall Bradley - Singing Ourselves Into Belief: Song Leading's Best Practices (2017 Alleluia Conference)
Description: While we lead songs every Sunday with the band, from the pulpit, or from the organ bench, reflection on best practice is rare. This session will explore how we lead through preparation, presentation, and reflection. Location: McCr (More)
David Music - The Efficient Choir Rehearsal (2017 Alleluia Conference)
Description: The greatest enemy of the choir director is time. This session will give suggestions on how to make the most of your rehearsal time. Location: McCrary Music Building, Baylor University - Waco, Texas Session Handout: More)
Lee Gwozdz - Recruiting: Keeping and Maintaining All Choirs from Child to Adult (2017 Alleluia Conference)
Description: This session will offer practical methods of recruiting, keeping, and maintaining any choir program from Child to Adult. Uses of communication aids, forms, timelines, and the advantages of initial choir interviews will be explored. P (More)
Lee Gwozdz - Musicality and Movement (2017 Alleluia Conference)
Description: Connect body, mind, and feelings with these movement games for all ages-kids to adults. Elementary and middle schoolers especially love the games with balls and other movement-in-place and movement-in-space activities that challenge (More)
Lee Gwozdz - The Singing Children: From Toys, Tone to Text (2017 Alleluia Conference)
Description: Explore the use of visual aids, such as toys, to enable children, even adults, the ability to sing musically. This session will explore today's singing child. Types of children's singing voices will be determined and heard via video (More)
Lee Gwozdz - The Singing Child: Body, Mind, Spirit, Voice (2017 Alleluia Conference)
Description: This session will explore today's singing child. Types of children's singing voices will be determined and heard via video demonstrations. Ways of enabling any child to sing technically will be experienced by session attendees. Lo (More)
John Dickson - The Expressivity of Language in Choral Music (2017 Alleluia Conference)
Description: How much importance do we ascribe to text, and how much of this understanding do we communicate to our singers? To what extent do we involve them in the text so that both textual understanding and expression come alive within the mus (More)
John Dickson - Creative Programming (2017 Alleluia Conference)
Description: How much thought do you give to your concert and worship service programming? What responsibility do we have to connect our audience with the music? In this session, we will explore some creative methods for programming; discuss them (More)
John Dickson - A Kinesthetic Approach to Conducting (2017 Alleluia Conference)
Description: A Kinesthetic approach to the music requires a physical, bodily response to the music. When this approach is employed in rehearsal, the tone is energized through an actively participating body. However, to develop a body response to (More)
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