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Mark Edwards - Accent on Worship (2013 Alleluia Conference)
  Description: Worship music that is more traditional in style doesn't have to be stale and lifeless. Discover some ways and resources to freshen up singing hymns in worsh (More)
Park Cities Baptist Church Concert (2013 Alleluia Conference)
Location: McCrary Music Building, Baylor University – Waco, Texas (More)
Joel Raney - Brush Up Your Technique (2013 Alleluia Conference)
Description: Practice tips and exercises to kick your playing up a notch. Location: McCrary Music Building, Baylor University – Waco, Texas   (More)
Deborah Williamson - Voice Matters: An Introduction to Vocal Health & Technique (2013 Alleluia Conference)
http://edge.baylor.edu/media/205064/205064-audio.mp3   Description: This session will address some common vocal problems and ways to prevent or remedy them, and will address the basics of breath management in singing as an important founda (More)
Randy Edwards - From What’s Mine to What’s Yours: Legacy (2013 Alleluia Conference)
  Description: When we follow the call of God to minister, it is easy for us to slide into the trap of feeling not only empowered but also entitled. Ministers in general a (More)
Randy Edwards - What is it about beauty? (2013 Alleluia Conference)
  Description: The recognition, appreciation, and creation of beauty make a radical difference for the good in the lives of today's students. Alas, the world has become so (More)
Joel Raney - Ask the Composer (2013 Alleluia Conference)
Description: An informal question/answer session for you to ask Joel any questions you like on composing, arranging and publishing. Location: McCrary Music Building, Baylor University – Waco, Texas   (More)
Joseph Martin - Piano Masterclass (2013 Alleluia Conference)
Description: Joe Martin leads conferees in a piano masterclass. Location:  McCrary Music Building, Baylor University – Waco, Texas   (More)
Terry York - The Choir Folder and the Newspaper: Encountering two recent choral cycles (2013 Alleluia Conference
http://edge.baylor.edu/media/205227/205227-audio.mp3   Description: This class will examine two recent choral cycles (texts by Terry York) that connect the gospel to a number of the social issues of our day. One is in the context and langu (More)
YouthCUE Concert (2013 Alleluia Conference)
Location: Truett Seminary, Baylor University - Waco, Texas.   (More)
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