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Mary McDonald - The Heart of Service Playing (2012 Alleluia Conference)
http://edge.baylor.edu/media/183567/183567-audio.mp3   Location: McCrary Music Building, Baylor University - Waco, Texas.   (More)
Kyle Reese - Another Kingdom is Here (2012 Alleluia Conference)
http://edge.baylor.edu/media/183551/183551-audio.mp3   Description: Competing entities and organizations compete for our time and loyalty. What does it mean that the Kingdom of God is near us? Location: Truett Seminary, Baylor Universit (More)
Brad Nix - Help! There Are Too Many Notes (2012 Alleluia Conference)
http://edge.baylor.edu/media/183557/183557-audio.mp3   Description: Brad will discuss techiniques for managing piano pieces that become overwhelming. Location: McCrary Music Building, Baylor University – Waco, Texas   (More)
Brad Nix - A Lifetime of Healthy Piano Playing (2012 Alleluia Conference)
Description: In this session, Brad will present concepts for healthy piano playing. These tips will lead to better playing technique and longevity. Location: McCrary Music Building, Baylor University – Waco, Texas   (More)
Angela Lind - What To Do When You Just Don't Feel it (2012 Alleluia Conference)
  Description: Sometimes we get down, we get upset and we have doubts. Does that mean if I don't feel anything that the worship was bad? Location: Truett Seminary, Bayl (More)
Sid Davis - Choir Tour Outside the Box (2012 Alleluia Conference)
  Description: Do all choir tours have to look alike? Are we all out there seeking invitations to sing at the same time of year? In the same places? What if we threw the c (More)
Sid Davis - What Choir Retreat Isn’t: Find the Essentials in Community Building (2012 Alleluia Conference)
  Description: The average uninitiated young singer approaches an invitation to 'choir retreat' like a trip to the doctor - they don't think it sounds like anything that w (More)
Sid Davis - What I Know Now, but Wish I’d Known (2012 Alleluia Conference)
  Description: If I could, I'd find every member of my first couple of youth choirs and apologize to every one of them. I wasn't much older than they were and I was scared (More)
Jacob Sensenig - Engaging the Psalms in Worship (2012 Alleluia Conference)
http://edge.baylor.edu/media/183553/183553-audio.mp3   Description: This session will present an inter-disciplinary approach to crafting worship services which bring new life to the Psalms. Many congregations shy away from using the Psalms (More)
Kyle Reese - Leave the Results to God (2012 Alleluia Conference)
Description: Sermon by Preacher Kyle Reese during Wednesday's Worship Service. Location: Truett Seminary, Baylor University - Waco, Texas   (More)
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