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Chris Pillsbury - Putting Your Ministry on the Internet (2010 Alleluia Conference)
http://edge.baylor.edu/media/119357/119357-audio.mp3   Description: Do the words YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter raise your anxiety level? Ever wanted to post a video from your church on the internet? Come learn a step by step way to upload (More)
Tim Studstill - This is My Story, This is My Song (2010 Alleluia Conference)
http://edge.baylor.edu/media/117551/117551-audio.mp3   Description: A discussion with music ministers who have given a lifetime to the ministry of music and leading people in worship. This session will help the bivocational and smaller chu (More)
Terry York - Performing More than Music (2010 Alleluia Conference)
http://edge.baylor.edu/media/119358/119358-audio.mp3   Description: "Performing More Than Music"...What we learn anywhere becomes part of who we are everywhere. Come learn how choir rehearsal spreads its good work out into the broader life (More)
Terry York - Rehearsing More than Music (2010 Alleluia Conference)
http://edge.baylor.edu/media/119359/119359-audio.mp3   Description: "Rehearsing More Than Music" ...The dynamics of choir rehearsal go far beyond practicing music. Come learn what else is being refined as brothers and sisters in Christ and (More)
Charlotte McElroy - Stone Upon Stone & Get Your Ducks in a Row (2010 Alleluia Conference)
http://edge.baylor.edu/media/117364/117364-audio.mp3   Description: Understand the groundwork that must be established in preschool and younger children's choirs. Learn teaching sequences for the elements of music as well as for spiritual (More)
Michael Burkhardt - The Organist of the 21st Century: The Calling (2010 Alleluia Conference)
  Description: This session will focus on the call and various roles of the organist, namely, theologian, herald of the Gospel, educator, and leader of the assembly's song (More)
Michael Burkhardt - The Organist of the 21st Century: Leading the Dance (2010 Alleluia Conference)
  Description: This session will assist participants in interpreting the inherent dances of the assembly's song at the organ through vocal and kinesthetic gestures and under (More)
Branon Dempsey - Leading Leaders & leading Teams (2010 Alleluia Conference)
  Description: How to develop effective leadership and team building through relational and intentional values. - How Does Your Music Ministry Garden Grow? - The Pastor an (More)
Branon Dempsey - Worship Theology in Contemporary Songs (2010 Alleluia Conference)
  Description: A closer look at worship from a biblical perspective through our leading, singing and planning. - Music and Worship Is Not Synonymous - A Look At Authentic (More)
Emily Snider - An Introduction to the Church Year (2010 Alleluia Conference)
http://edge.baylor.edu/media/117362/117362-audio.mp3   Description: This session is brief survey of the liturgical calendar. Many churches celebrate Christmas and Easter, but the church's rich history provides year-round opportunities to e (More)
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