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Want a QUICKWAY for a great activation strategy?
by Itzayana Aguirre - February 2018 Sponsorship Shorts: QUICKWAY Wesley Abercrombie (S3, 2017), the General Manager for Partnership Sales at Southeastern Louisiana University Athletics, s (More)
Leveraging digital marketing and media strategies
by Anita Sehgal - February 2013 As organizations continue to utilize sports sponsorships and activation within their marketing mix, they are also faced with the ongoing challenge of ensuring (More)
The AT&T Challenge: Innovative teaching tool brings ideas to life for brands and teams
by Darryl Lehnus - March 2013 The AT&T Challenge: The Beginning The AT&T Challenge is the brainchild of Eric Fernandez (BU '94), then Director of Corporate Partnerships for AT&T (More)
Amplifying our VOICE: How Sprint Leverages 'Unlimited' Content and Why Teams Could Do It Even Better
by Phillip Grieco - June 2013 Couch vs. Run? Recently I was lounging on my couch after dinner, debating whether to make the effort to get to the gym or go outside for a run. You can imagine which one (More)
Be Sure to Drink your Ovaltine (and other sponsorship lessons from A Christmas Story)
by Drew Mitchell - June 2013 A crummy commercial? A Christmas Story is one of my favorite classic holiday movies, an opinion likely shared by many of you given how it seems to run 24/7 on T (More)
S3 Leadership Spotlight: Dave Nottoli @GM
Dave Nottoli by More)
Sponsorship Success is Defined by the Numbers You Measure
by Tom Hughes - September 2013 “If I had a dollar to spend on marketing why would I spend it on sponsorship?”                                                                                              (More)
S3 Spotlight: Bill Glenn Explains--How to Expand your Skill Set to Advance Your Career
Bill Glenn by More)
#LoveJu: How Juventus & Jeep Partner to Target the Digital Fan
by Alex Stewart - March 2014 #LOVEJU Juventus, la Vecchia Signora of Italian football, may be one of the most established brands in Italy, but she recently showed the sort of innovative approach to earned media that many newer, more agile brands co (More)
How to Create Sponsorship Inventory & Activation Out of Thin Air
by Drew Mitchell - April 2014 After spending more than 8 years in the “Minor Leagues” (4 with Daktronics Sports Marketing and 4 with the Texas Legends), I have learned you can never have a s (More)
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