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Are Silicon Valley Teams as Data-Driven as You'd Expect?
by Brad Sherrill - October 2017 With Apple's headquarters right down the street, you would expect the teams in Silicon Valley to be digitally-savvy and data-driven. We were not disappointed, as the t (More)
How far will analytics take You? S3 majors meet with partners at StubHub, Giants, 49ers, Sharks, & Warriors to Find Out
by Brad Sherrill - September 2017 StubHub and Baylor S3 StubHub and Baylor S3 created a partnership to reward motivated, analytically-talented S3 students with an expenses paid trip to the Bay area. (More)
Spurs Share Values & Insights with Baylor Sports Sponsorship & Sales (S3)
by Brad Sherrill - September 2017 What can we learn from the Spurs organization? The Spurs were the first organization contacted before the S3 program launched in 2004. We often say that the Spurs o (More)
Sport Business Analytics: A Review of Harrison & Bukstein's Book
by Kirk Wakefield - January 2017 Business intelligence is old school. Business analytics is new school. Sport business analytics is finally going to school. In the past decade, interest grew beyond (More)
An Internship Model for Sports Sales, Marketing, CRM & Analytics
by Kirk Wakefield - January 2017 After arranging & supervising hundreds of sports internships for the last dozen or so years, Dr. Darryl Lehnus and (More)
Sports Sponsorship & Sales (S3) Newsletter: The Relaunch
by Kirk Wakefield - May 2017 S3 Newsletter May marked the relaunch of the S3 Newsletter--and the next issue could be starring you! Sign-up her (More)
StubHub Ticket Insights: Changes in Who, How & When People Buy
by Kirk Wakefield - May 2017 In a league of its own StubHub sells a ticket at least once every second. Over 21 million unique highly qualified buyers visit StubHub every month. Last year (2016), St (More)
Does Grit Lead to High Performance in Sales?
by Kirk Wakefield - June 2017 What is Grit? Angela Duckworth made an industry out of her own passion and perseverance toward a long-term goal--her definition of grit--and measuring it in others. (More)
Best Ticket Campaign Ideas
by Darryl Lehnus - June 2017 Kicking off the S3 StubHub Ticket Campaign Competition Learning best practices is one of the most valuable elements of the meetings, conventions, and seminars w (More)
How to Sell Tickets to People Who Won't Answer the Phone
*This post was written by Kirk Wakefield - June 2017 Do you answer a call from an unknown number? Neither does anyone else. Americans spend More)
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