Selected Publications

Morley, B.J., Dolan, D.F., Ohlemiller, K.K. and Simmons, D.D., 2017. Generation and characterization of α9 and α10 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subunit knockout mice on a C57Bl/6J background. Frontiers in neuroscience, 11, p.516.


Tong, B., Hornak, A.J., Maison, S.F., Ohlemiller, K.K., Liberman, M.C. and Simmons, D.D., 2016. Oncomodulin, an EF-Hand Ca2+ buffer, is critical for maintaining cochlear function in mice. Journal of Neuroscience, 36(5), pp.1631-1635.


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Morley, B.J., Dolan, D.F., Halsey, K. and Simmons, D.D., 2013. The deletion of both the α9 and α10 nAChR subunits results in a different phenotype than the single deletion of the α9 or α10 subunit. Biochemical Pharmacology, 86(8), p.1237.


Miller, M.E., Nasiri, A.K., Farhangi, P.O., Farahbakhsh, N.A., Lopez, I.A., Narins, P.M. and Simmons, D.D., 2012. Evidence for water-permeable channels in auditory hair cells in the leopard frog. Hearing research, 292(1), pp.64-70.


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