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Welcome to the Simmons Auditory Research Lab at Baylor University.  Our lab focuses on how aging brain function relates to hearing and balance, neurodegeneration, and neuro-immune responses.  Click the link below to learn more about our projects.


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Current Research

Our current research interests concern both developing and aging brain function related to hearing and balance, neurodegeneration, and neuro-immune responses using murine transgenic models. More specifically, research in my laboratory is investigating how the regulation of calcium signaling contributes to hearing loss, development and maturation of sensory organs, and nerve regeneration.

Spotlight on Research: Dr. Dwayne Simmons

“I tell my students, one of the fundamental things that you learn in my laboratory is how to solve problems. And you can take that anywhere.”

Dr. Dwayne Simmons’s work on how the brain connects and communicates with the body is just one of many areas at #Baylor where professors blend groundbreaking research with student engagement in ways that shape the future:

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At Baylor University, the Simmons Lab consists of both undergraduate and graduate students working on a variety of projects.  Click below to learn more about the people behind the research in our lab.

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