The Team


Principal Investigator | Michael K. Scullin, Ph.D.

Curriculum Vitae

“I have a longstanding interest in how sleep and cognition change across the adult lifespan, and what we can do about it. Outside of the laboratory, I work with students, journals, museumsclinics, churches, and other community groups to help translate basic science into real world benefits. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my wife, son, and border collie, and following my beloved Texas Rangers and Dallas Cowboys.”


Post-Doctoral Fellow

Winston Jones, Ph.D

“I use behavioral and neuroimaging techniques to improve our understanding of how complex behaviors manifest from neural functions. Much of my research explores the human capacity for multitasking and for recovering from interruptions, including individual differences in ability and how performance changes with the acquisition of skill. These abilities are critical for improving the quality of performance in both high-risk environments (e.g., medical facilities and emergency dispatch) and in modern daily life. Beyond my own research, I enjoy working with students to develop their own research and teaching others about the science of cognition. In my spare time, I like to read, write, fish, cook, play games, travel, and take long walks. I also see myself as a collector and disseminator of obscure facts, and enjoy both immensely.”


Graduate Students

Chenlu Gao, M.A.

Curriculum Vitae

“I am a graduate student at Baylor working with Dr. Scullin. My research interests include the mechanisms underlying sleep, memory, and other cognitive functions. Specifically, I am interested in exploring the effect of sleep deficiency on our daily activities such as remembering to perform certain tasks at certain time. I am also drawn to other sleep-related topics such as napping behaviors, insomnia, and other sleep disorders. With a master’s degree in Research Methods, I am good at using statistics as a tool to advance my research. Outside the lab, I love binge watching television shows and movies on weekends; I also love to go fishing on sunny days with my friends, even if I rarely catch fish.”


R. Lynae Roberts, M.A.

“I am a doctoral student at Baylor University working primarily in the Mind-Body Medicine Research Lab with Dr. Gary Elkins, and I am also affiliated with the Sleep and Neuroscience Cognition Lab. My research interests include clinical hypnosis and other mind body treatments, sleep, and stress. I am especially interested in how these topics affect cognition and the brain’s physiology, as well as how they can be implemented or improved to better people’s lives. Outside of school I enjoy traveling, hiking, watching movies, and being around animals.”


Research Coordinator

Taylor Luster | Nappannee, IN | University Scholar (2020)

“Memory has always been of interest to me and the impact of sleep on memory proves to be an interesting research topic. The SNaC lab has allowed me to explore new topics and learn about cognition and memory. Outside of the lab, I love traveling and have been to 27 countries, my favorite being Kenya.”


Research Assistants

Daniel Zeter | Albuquerque, NM | Neuroscience (2020)

“With an interest in sleep and memory, I joined the SNaC Lab to engage in research with like-minded students. This lab has allowed for me to explore my interests and learn more about the interworking of cognition and sleep in our everyday lives. Outside of the lab I am a TA for the Pre-Health Professions class and I work at the Student Life Center.”


David Hsiou | Irvine, CA | Neuroscience (2020)

“As an aspiring physician, I joined the SnaC lab to further explore the exciting intersection between the fields of neuroscience, technology, and personal health.  I have always held a fascination for the human brain, and I am thrilled to be part of a research team dedicated to understanding its role and function in sleep and memory.  Besides working as a Research Assistant, I am also involved in Baylor Steppin’ Out, the pre-health honor society Alpha Epsilon Delta, and several volunteer organizations.”


Therese Riesberg | Grimes, IA | Neuroscience (2020)

“I joined the SNaC lab because I have been fascinated by sleep since I first learned about it. I have always wanted to learn more and I found this to be the perfect opportunity. The brain’s processes are fascinating and I welcome the opportunity to explore them further. Outside of the lab, I am the president of American Medical Women’s Association.”

Kyla Fergason | Mansfield, TX | University Scholar (2021)

“I joined the SNaC Lab because we spend a third of our lives sleeping, but there is still so much to learn about it. I want to be a part of the discovery. Outside of the lab, I am involved in Baylor’s Senate and Vertical Ministries.”


Candice Lage | Boynton Beach, FL | Neuroscience (2021)

“The reason I joined the SNaC lab was to get the chance to jump out of the “books” and engage in learning about the brain through observations and experimentation. Outside of the lab, I am part of the Networking committee at the American Medical Women’s Association as well as volunteer at No Limitations and Friends for Life.”


Abbye Porro | Tucson, AZ | Neuroscience (2021)

“What we know about human cognition fascinates me, and the opportunity to be a part of the research of what we do not yet know excites me, which is why I joined the SNaC lab. Outside of the lab, I am involved in Christian Pre-Health Fellowship, serving as the hospice volunteer coordinator, and I am a community group leader with Avenue College Ministry.”