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Post-Baccalaureate Research Assistant Positions

We have two full-time post-bacc positions immediately available for our new NSF grant (description). Applications are available here. For further questions, contact Dr. Scullin.

Applying to the Ph.D. Program

We expect to recruit 1-2 graduate students this coming year. Make sure to contact Dr. Scullin before applying to discuss potential fit. For more information, see the graduate program webpage.

Undergraduate Research Assistantships

Our laboratory has undergraduate research assistant (RA) positions available for students who are highly-motivated, professional, reliable, and organized. Students are eligible to apply if they have at least three fall/spring semesters remaining at Baylor. Applications are considered on a rolling basis between August 1 and March 30. To apply, download and complete the application (click here) and then email it along with your resume/CV to Dr. Scullin.

We take a team science approach, and thus, RA activities depend both on research interests and laboratory needs. All RAs go through PSG/EEG training and contribute regularly to data collection and data entry. In addition, many RAs progress to the stage where they can contribute to data analysis/interpretation, conference presentations, and even to developing and conducting independent projects. Since 2015, 12 RAs have published book chapters or journal articles, and 16 RAs have won university or national awards. More than 75% of lab alumni have been accepted into M.D., Ph.D., or other doctoral programs, and other lab alumni are pursuing a diversity of fascinating careers. 


  • SNAC lab and alumni reunion at the 2019 SLEEP Meeting