Program Agreement

ProSales Majors will:

  • Approach ProSales courses with complete dedication, attending and participating in all classes as a business professional participates in business meetings
  • Ensure that Baylor’s ProSales major remains at the best in the country by maintaining an overall GPA at Baylor of 3.2 or higher and achieving a B or higher in ProSales I.
  • Engage fully in all professional development activities (PDP, Top Gun, Assessments, video interviews)
  • Engage fully in all culture-building activities (Fall Awards Banquet, Spring Awards Banquet)
  • Keep an updated resume posted on Handshake
  • Record professional development activities in ProPass app on a weekly basis
  • Compete in the annual Baylor Business Selling Outside (BBSO) competition, Baylor Business Ethics competition (BBEC), Baylor Business Development (BBBD) competition, and Baylor Business Valuation Analysis (BBVA) competition
  • Prepare and train to compete in an external sales competition, if selected to represent Baylor
  • Add positively to the Program’s culture by supporting fellow students and speaking positively about ProSales peers
  • Respond promptly (within 24 hours) to all faculty requests for information, updates, and RSVPs
  • Commit to being on-campus at Baylor and in-country during junior and senior year
  • Keep program director apprised of job/internship offer statuses and provide a copy of all written offers
  • Schedule a conversation with program director before turning down/accepting a job/internship offer
  • Pass along any new corporate contacts that will help Baylor ProSales build-out corporate relationships
  • Provide detailed receipts for all reimbursable purchases (only when given permission from a Baylor ProSales representative)

as of 30/10/2023