Baylor’s Center for Professional Selling is recognized as one of the top sales programs. Corporations affirm that ProSales students are prepared to make contributions in professional sales roles immediately upon graduation.

Baylor’s Center for Professional Selling provides outstanding growth and development opportunities for ProSales students thanks to the support and commitment of Corporate Partners.

Corporate Partners have the opportunity to:

  • Engage in strong brand-building opportunities
  • Gain pre-screened access to qualified job candidates
  • Make an impact in the lives of students

More than 50% of US college graduates, regardless of their majors, are likely to work in sales at some point. But of the over 4,000 colleges in this country, less than 100 have sales programs or even sales courses.

Corporate Testimonials

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Ready to Learn More?

The Explore ProSales program allows several executives and companies to examine the ProSales program at the same time. Participants meet an array of students in the process, so they understand our product development strategy from our POV and from the POV of the end product (i.e., the students).