Data and Maps

Data and Maps

Streamcat dashboard, see USEPA

National Lakes Assessment dashboard (under construction), see USEPA

Global manure, cropland, and population density, see Powers et al. 2019

USA streamflows data viewer

Published Datasets

Stephanie E. Hampton, Stephanie G. Labou, Kara H. Woo, Aaron W. E. Galloway, Emily H. Stanley, et al. Winter and summer comparison of biological, chemical, and physical conditions in seasonally ice-covered lakes. Knowledge Network for Biocomplexity.

Powers, S. and S. Labou. 2017. North Temperate Lakes LTER Long-term winter chemical limnology and days since ice-on for primary study lakes 1982 – 2014 ver 2. Environmental Data Initiative.

Powers, Stephen (2019): Global manure phosphorus, human population density, cropland extent, livestock density, and nation-level phosphorus fertilizer use (circa 2010). PANGAEA.

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