2016-04-18 08.37.31Happy to receive the Hankamer School of Business’s Robert and Robin Nitsche Outstanding Research Award for 2019.

My essay with Nicolai Foss on management in the digital age, “No Boss? No Thanks,” appeared in Aeon in January 2019.

Please submit to the SEJ Special Issue on “Policy for Innovative Entrepreneurship.” Submission window is 15 January 15 2019 to 15 February 2019.

I was delighted to receive the 2018 Best Paper Award from the Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal for my 2008 paper, “Opportunity Discovery, Entrepreneurial Action, and Economic Organization.” The award goes to papers published at least five years prior and recognizes long-term impact on the field.

Happy to have won a Baylor University Outstanding Faculty Award for 2017-18. These recognize faculty contributions in teaching, service, or (in my case) research.

I have been elected the 2017-18 Assistant Program Chair (also known as PDW Chair) for the Academy of Management’s Entrepreneurship Division. This is the first stage of a five-year leadership track which puts me as Division Chair in 2020-21.

In March 2017 I became an Associate Editor for the Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal. I continue to serve as well as Associate Editor for the Academy of Management Perspectives.

Here is an exchange on Israel Kirzner’s theory of entrepreneurship featuring Peter Boettke, Mario Rizzo, Frederic Sautet, and myself.

My work on academic incubators was featured in Inside Higher Ed in February 2017.

I was pleased to receive the Hankamer School of Business’s Brent Clum Outstanding Research Award for 2016.

I blog at Organizations and Markets and the Mises Wire. My Twitter feed is below; you can see my other social media feeds at the sidebar to the right. Some of my posts appear also at SIOE.

Peter-Klein-WebHere are some interviews I did for and the Huffington Post about entrepreneurship research, teaching, and practice. Here are Nicolai Foss and I talking about our 2012 book.

You can find various lectures, interviews, and other events on YouTube. Here I am testifying before a 2012 Congressional subcommittee about the organization of the Federal Reserve system.

Some favorite anonymous comments from

Organizing Entrepreneurial Judgment . . . is the single biggest advance in theory of entrepreneurship in decades. [Klein is an] excellent IO scholar with a very lengthy publication record.”

“Klein’s book makes no sense. It’s small clique infighting trying to rebuke Israel Kirzner’s contribution to management theory. Yawn.”