CIL (Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum)

The CIL attempts to collect and edit classical Latin inscriptions. This online resources is composed of inscriptions from the ancient Roman Empire and is organized by region and inscription-type.


IG (Packard humanities institute)

Searchable Greek inscriptions by region.


SEG (Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum)

An annual publication of newly discovered and previously known Greek inscriptions from before the 9th century A.D.


Guide de l’epigraphiste (Epigraphist’s Guide)

The website for the book Epigraphist’s Guide: Selected Biblibography of Ancient and Medieval Epigraphs. The site contains certain excerpts from the book and a collection of the resources which the book elucidates.


EpiDoc (Epigraphic Documents in TEI XML)

Part of a project which seeks to digitalize ancient documents. It includes the text and scholarly information on the texts history and materiality.


Epigraphische datenbank

A database of inscriptions collected through volunteer submissions.


Center for the Study of Ancient Documents

This site includes images of Greek inscriptions which are listed according to region.