Ope loye O, Baba Olore

Text/Music: Anonymous
Praise & Worship
Language: Yoruba
Scripture References: Leviticus 19:24; 2 Samuel 22:4, 50; 1 Chronicles 16:4, 25; 29:13
Liturgical Uses/Seasons: Praises/Adoration
 Harvest, Thanksgiving

The song is one of the choruses that is widely sung in Yoruba land, southwestern part of Nigeria. The song has been among the Nigerian folks for more than five decades now, and it is very much relevant and popular among the young and old. Liturgically, the song is used as a way of expressing one’s gratitude to God. It is often performed with keyboard, drum-set, bass and lead guitar, Konga, Dundun (talking-drum), and any other available instruments.

Lyrics: Ope lo ye O, Baba olore. Iyin ogo ye O, Olorun wa, Hossana ye O, Ese o Baba.
Meaning: You are worthy of praise, gracious Father. Praise and glory belong to You, our God. Hossana to you, thank You, Father.

Contributed by Matthew Abioye.