Lord, Make Us An Instrument of Your Peace

Text/Music: Kirk and Deby Dearman
Genre: Praise & Worship
Language: English
Scripture References:
Matthew 5:1-12
Liturgical Uses/Season:
Healing, Love of God

This song, written by Kirk and Deby Dearman, has been performed in different places by Don Moen, born on June 29, 1950, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. It is a prayer that resonates with happenings in different parts of the world, especially in Nigeria.  Lord, Make Us Instruments Of Your Peace, or simply ‘Instrument of Peace’, stands out due to its message for social justice. This song is performed by many on the globe, and it is a vital object for advocating world peace.

The song features in many reconciliation worship meetings and peace conferences and only recently in a paper titled: ‘Church Music and Worship: A Tool for Dealing with the Social Justice System in Nigeria’. Also, it is a veritable instrument for social advocacy. The song, found in the 1991 edition of the Baptist Hymnal, advocates for peace and speaks against social discrimination by offering Christian/humane alternatives. However, as a song of prayer, it acknowledges that God is the author of peace and only He can give peace. Therefore, it is nice to have it in a Nigerian song compilation for the same purpose, because Nigeria like many other nations of the world, is in dire need of peace.


Contributed by Matthew Amuro