Working Papers and Current Research:

Published and Forthcoming Research:

  • “Do Shareholder Voting Requirements Affect Method of Payment and Performance Outcomes in Acquisitions?” with Paul Mason, Usha Rodrigues, and Steven Utke, 2018, Wake Forest Law Review 53(1), 157-210.
  • “Investment Banking Relationships and Analyst Affiliation Bias: The Impact of Global Settlement on Sanctioned and Non-Sanctioned Banks,” with Shane Corwin and Stephannie Larocque, 2016, Journal of Financial Economics 124(3), 614-631.
  • “What All-Cash Companies Tell Us about IPOs and Acquisitions,” with Usha Rodrigues, 2014, Journal of Corporate Finance 29, 111-121.
  • “Exit, Voice, and Reputation: The Evolution of SPACs,” with Usha Rodrigues, 2013, Delaware Journal of Corporate Law 37-3.
  • “Implications of Data Screens on Merger and Acquisition Analysis: A Large Sample Study of Mergers and Acquisitions from 1992 to 2009,” with Jeff Netter and Jide Wintoki, 2011, Review of Financial Studies 24(7), 2316-2357.
  • “Placebo Ethics,” with Usha Rodrigues, 2010, Virginia Law Review 96(1), 1-68.
  • “The Underpricing of Private Targets,” with Jack Cooney and Thomas Moeller, 2009, Journal of Financial Economics 93, 51-66.
  • “Target-Firm Information Asymmetry and Acquirer Returns,” with Micah Officer and Annette Poulsen, 2009, Review of Finance 13, 467-493.
  • “The Rise of Corporate Governance in Corporate Control Research,” with Jeff Netter and Annette Poulsen, 2009, Journal of Corporate Finance 15, 1-9.
  • “Moving Firms from Private to Public Ownership: Selling Out to Public Firms vs. Initial Public Offerings,” with Annette Poulsen, 2008, Financial Management 37, 81-101.
  • “Protective Governance Choices and the Value of Acquisition Activity,” with Scott Bauguess,  2008, Journal of Corporate Finance 14, 550-566.
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  • “Takeover Activity as a Response to Time-Varying Changes in Investment Opportunity Sets: Evidence from Takeover Sequences,” with Sandy Klasa, 2007, Financial Management 36, 19-43.
  • “What Do Returns to Acquiring Firms Tell Us? Evidence from Firms that Make Many Acquisitions,” with Kathleen Fuller and Jeff Netter, 2002, Journal of Finance 57, 1763-1793.

Invited Publications:

  • Corporate Takeovers and Restructurings, Chapter 27 in Corporate Governance edited by Kent Baker and Ronald Anderson, 2010, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.


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