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I’m Keighley

I’m experienced in both cellular and molecular laboratory-based project management as well as designing, teaching, and implementing innovative science communication strategies. I am dedicated to helping science reach further and into the lives of many. Community building is my specialty, especially in STEM. I encourage you to look into my work below so we can build the next amazing collaboration.

Science communication to me is helping people engage with science for the purpose of making more informed life choices, expanding collaborations, and sparking innovation.

SciComm Expertise

Since 2017, I have been exploring science communication and seeking new opportunities for my growth. Between conferences, training, presentations, and more, I have grown into a multi-disciplinary communicator with a wide range of skills, adaptable to any project.

Building Community

Science grows when it is supported by a community of thinkers, but all progress doesn’t come in the lab. Through my work with Present Your PhD and the National Center for Science Eduction, I know the value of community and how to bring people from all backgrounds together through science.

Oncology Background

I earned my PhD studying metastatic breast cancer and have experience building the communications for a precision oncology company. I bring a dual-sided understanding of the field to help propel conversations around this challenging topic.