Contact  Information

Kevin J. Gutzwiller, Ph.D.
Department of Biology
Baylor University
Waco, TX 76798-7388 USA
Phone: 254-710-2320
Fax: 254-710-2969

Research  Overview

The overarching goals of my research are to understand broad-scale human influences on natural systems and to provide a scientific basis for managing the influences in support of biodiversity, ecosystem services, and human societies. My general research interests include interdisciplinary assessment and management of impacts from land use, wildland recreation, road networks, energy and residential development, and climate change. Policy relevance and societal importance are key aspects of this work. The ecological settings for these analyses range from remote wildlands to managed landscapes. I am interested in various taxa and ecosystems, especially those that are facing significant conservation problems.

Some  Current  Research  Emphases

  • Cross-scale Interactions and Thresholds in Species-Landscape Relationships
  • Broad-scale Effects of Wildland Recreation Disturbance
  • Habitat Persistence and Transition Modeling
  • Interannual Variation in Species Distribution Models
  • Applications of Landscape Ecology in Conservation

RECENT  Publications

Gutzwiller, K.J., and K.M. Serno. 2023. Using the risk of spatial extrapolation by machine-learning models to assess the reliability of model predictions for conservation. Landscape Ecology 38:1363-1372.

Chaudhary, A., and K.J. Gutzwiller. 2022. Forest bird abundance can vary with cross-scale interactions involving climate, exurban cover and forest patch size.  Wildlife Research 49:250-263.

Monz, C.A., K.J. Gutzwiller, V.H. Hausner, M.W. Brunson, R. Buckley, and C.M. Pickering. 2021. Understanding and managing the interactions of impacts from nature-based recreation and climate change. Ambio 50:631-643.

Chaudhary, A., and K.J. Gutzwiller. 2020. Within-scale and cross-scale interaction effects of temperature and human socioeconomic conditions on avian abundance. Avian Conservation and Ecology 15(2): Article 8.

Gutzwiller, K.J., and A. Chaudhary. 2020. Machine-learning models, cost matrices, and conservation-based reduction of selected landscape classification errors. Landscape Ecology 35:249-255.

Gutzwiller, K.J., A.L. D’Antonio, and C.A. Monz. 2017. Wildland recreation disturbance: broad-scale spatial analysis and management. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 15:517-524.  (cover-story article)