• Hatakeyama sensei became 7th dan in Kendo in the kendo high rank exam held in Atlanta, GA on April 10th.
    • The kendo shinsa (rank promotion exam) and joint practice were held in Waco on Dec 4, 2021.
      • Congratulations William Tomes and Kaz Hayashi for obtaining kendo 1 kyu, and Boshen Xu for obtaining kendo 2 kyu.
    • We were featured in Baylor Lariat (November, 2021) [link]
    • Congratulations, William Tomes and Kaz Hayashi, for obtaining kendo 2 kyu in exam at Houston, TX (August, 2021)
    • Congratulations to the Baylor kendo club team members for moving on to the single elimination round at the 2019 Longhorn kendo taikai in Austin (October, 2019)
    • We were featured in Baylor Lariat (September, 2019) [link]
    • We were featured in the Late Night’s article in Baylor Lariat (August, 2018) [link]