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The Research Lab is moving to Baylor University in the fall. We’ll be taking much of our equipment with us and will continue our collaborative research efforts.

The ISLE Research Group was involved in a variety of collaborative efforts in which a diverse array of other research groups have benefited from the resources and technical expertise available in our lab.

      Imaging Platforms

      8 bit, 1000 fps, b&w ccd camera

      10 bit, 30 fps, b&w ccd camera

      8 bit, 60 – 200 fps, b&w ccd camera

      8 bit, infrared b&w ccd camera

      low lumens color/b&w ccd camera

      1 & 3 Megapixel digital color still cameras

      3 Megapixel digital color video camera

      Compact ccd board video cameras

      VHS video, still and film acquisition & digitizing

      Time lapse photography

      Video signal amplification

      Video duplication & format conversion



      Computing facilities

      Windows XP, NT, 98SE

      Macintosh OS

      Linux (Redhat)

      Lindows OS



      Image Analysis, Fabrication & Simulation facilities

      Interactive Data Language (IDL)

      Video Savant

      Scion Image

      Xerox Particle Software

      Graphic Construction

      Image manipulation software



      Optical resources

      10x-1000x video microscope

      Infrared source

      Telecentric optics

      2.4 GHz remote video xmit/receive

      Kalliroscope flow visualization solution

      Stroboscopic sources

      Telescopic optics



      Electronic resources

      100 kHz Spectrum Analyzer

      PSD/Lock-in Signal detection

      Labview signal processing

      Signal Amplification