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News last updated 03/24/2010

Experimental and Computational Techniques in Soft Condensed Matter Physics

The latest news is that Dr. Olafsen’s edited volume should be published by the end of the summer by Cambridge University Press.

There’s been a lot of news since Dr. Olafsen’s Nonlinear Dynamics Lab moved to Baylor University.

At some point, we’ll try and reconstruct a news archive for the last few years.

The most significant piece of news is that the lab changed names when it arrived at Baylor University.

The Dynamics and Imaging Analysis Lab (DIAL) is the new name for what was previously the Imaging Systems Laboratory Experiments (ISLE) group.


  • The new MRI machine has arrived and we’ve started producing images in 3D granular packings and 3D foams



  • Anisotropic dynamics in a shaken dimer gas experiment
    by J. Atwell and J. S. Olafsen
    has appeared in Physical Review E.



  • Kansas NSF EPSCoR has funded our equipment proposal
    Portable Magnetic Resonance Imaging Resource for Basic Research
    in Biomechanical and Living Systems

    to fund purchase of a portable MRI resource.




  • Polymer-like folding of a two-dimensional granular chain in water
    by B. Bammes and J. S. Olafsen
    has appeared in Chaos.



  • Eric Sorrentino, a junior majoring in journalism, focused his multimedia project on the work of Jesse Atwell, G. W. Baxter and J. S. Olafsen. The end result can be seen here.



  • Ben Bammes’ video to the APS March Meeting received 3rd place in the 1st Annual Gallery of Images sponsored by the GSNP group of the APS. As part of the award, Ben will be submitting a paper and video to the journal Chaos.



  • Sarah Feldt and Kevin Kohlstedt have graduated. Sarah will be attending graduate school at the University of Michigan on a Regents Fellowship. Kevin will be attending graduate school at Northwestern University on a McCormick Fellowship.



  • Sarah Feldt has received one of the Class of 1913 Chancellor’s Awards. The news release is here



  • The new lab in 6073 Malott has been finished. The ISLE lab will be moving over the next couple of weeks.



  • Congratulations to Dana Maher for being one of two winners
    of the Department’s Prosser Scholarship.



  • Gaussian Statistics in Granular Gases
    by G. W. Baxter and J. S. Olafsen
    has appeared in the October 16, 2003 issue of Nature
    For more information, click here



  • The ISLE Lab has received a Planning Grant from Kansas
    NASA EPSCoR for collaborative work with Chris Sorensen at KSU.



  • Effects of Slope and Particle Size on Ant Locomotion:
    Implications for Choice of Substrate by Antlions

    by Jason T. Botz, Catherine Loudon, J. Bradley Barger,
    Jeffrey S. Olafsen, and Don W. Steeples has been published in
    The Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society, Vol 76, Issue 3 (2003).



  • Congratulations to Ryan Kinser who has been awarded
    an NSF Graduate Fellowship to begin graduate school next fall!



  • Congratulations to Sarah Feldt and William Cross who have been awarded
    Undergraduate Research Awards for Summer 2003 from the KU UGRA Program!



  • Congratulations to Kevin Kohlstedt who will be participating in
    the Summer 2003 Student Research Participation Program
    at Argonne National Laboratory this summer!




  • M. V. Sapozhnikov, I. S. Aranson, and J. S. Olafsen
    Coarsening of granular clusters: Two types of scaling behaviors
    has been published in Physical Review E.



  • I. S. Aranson and J. S. Olafsen
    Velocity Fluctuations in Electrostatically Driven Granular Media
    has been published in Physical Review E.
    • 03/29/02

    • Congratulations to the following students:
      • Jesse Atwell, Cory Doolittle, Sara Feldt and Kevin Kohlstedt

      for being awarded Summer UGRAs from KU for 2002!


    • The ISLE lab has received funding for a Summer Research Fellowship
      • Prof G. William Baxter, Behrend College

      will be spending 8 weeks this summer working on a project with us.