On-line Course Checklist

Published on: Author: Becky Parton

… written by the OTLS Team

We have an exciting new resource for you!  The OTLS team has been working on a check-list that faculty can use to self-review their online courses.  It is meant to help you consider the elements of an online course that you want to incorporate.  Please see this PDF.  BaylorFacultyChecklist-2l6aq6c

Checklists can be useful in many circumstances so we also wanted to share these ideas from Ryann Shelton , a doctoral student and Baylor instructor:

Recently I was planning for travel to a conference. I made myself a checklist to ensure I brought all of the necessary documents, technology, clothes, shoes, and so on. What a shame it would have been if I forgot my presentation handouts or the shoes I needed. If I don’t write it down, it is almost certain I will forget contact solution. This has happened more than once.

When I prepare to teach a class, I also usually make a checklist. I want to ensure I have the necessary materials. The last slide of the presentation I give when teaching… You guessed it: It’s a checklist for my students, including what they need to do in preparation for our next class meeting. I email them that same checklist after class.

Some of us make grocery lists, some use a bullet journal, and some keep a to-do list in our phones or planners. Lists can keep us organized, and they can help us to prepare for what is coming before it is too late. In this way, they can serve as a formative assessment. An instructor can ask a student to consider the following: Am I prepared? Is there something I’m forgetting? Am I meeting the expectations? What do I need to do before it is too late? In some ways, a checklist is a simplified rubric. It may include specific items related to content material, remind students about particular parts of an assignment, or include instructions related to class preparation. I find checklists help me and my students. I wonder: How can you use a checklist as part of your teaching, and what would you include?